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News: The Lion Speaks Tonight
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 - 09:58 PM EST (4715 reads)

NewsThe Lion blacklisted? Magic is way too SHAKY right now and just because I won't go with the flow, the clique that is pro Magic is astounded.

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News: 2020: A Pro Tour Odyssey
Monday, September 30, 2002 - 04:42 PM EST (1693 reads)

NewsThe first Pro Tour of the season is finished and Ontario was very well represented. Mind you, it's Kai Budde's game - the rest of us are just here to help him playtest.

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News: Ernham Djinn Card Scan!
Wednesday, April 03, 2002 - 08:47 PM EST (1545 reads)

NewsThanks to Emperor_Zorak of the mtgnews rumor forums we now have a scan of Ernham Djinn from an ad in Inquest. You can see it here on Magicsur.

Note: jrzman has started the Judgment Partial Spoiler, you can find it in our forums!

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News: Magitrade - New Level of Online Trading?
Monday, November 26, 2001 - 06:15 PM EST (2582 reads)

NewsIt's not often that I have site related news to post! I came across something that looks kind of interesting and wanted to give our readers the heads up on some brand spanking new software for Magic players & collectors. It's a downloadable peer-to-peer network for buying, selling, trading and/or discussing M:tG. It's free and is even made right here in Canada (Vancouver!). You can test it out by visiting our download section - reviews both good or bad on this application would be greatly welcomed & can be submitted here. Further details & screenshot available.

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News: It's All Gone!
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 09:57 AM EST (1647 reads)

NewsThis is for all those people interested in what was taken from my collection 11/10/01.

*The binder can be returned anonymously to:

Future Pastimes

c/o Trent Rogers

163 Lochiel Street

Sarnia, Ontario

N7T 4C3

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News: The Tale of Two Days!
Monday, November 12, 2001 - 09:41 PM EST (1728 reads)

NewsPlease help me recover my cards which were stolen at Provincials.

*If you care about honesty and integrity in the Ontario Magic scene and don't want to have your trading binder or that of a friend taken we at mtgontario urge you to read Kevin's article and if you know the culprit (who is named) or can help in any way please act immediately.*

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News: Meridian Magic Says Goodbye...
Monday, October 15, 2001 - 01:37 AM EST (1321 reads)

NewsWe're losing a great M:tG site! The server space for Meridian Magic was donated by, due to's current financial troubles, Meridian Magic will lose their space at the end of October. Despite offers of webspace & assistance from others, Cathy Nicoloff is just not up to the task of migrating the website and extensively debugging all the custom-written backbone scripts to match a new location at this time. The popular Meridian Magic mailing list will remain as it is hosted by Yahoo! and moderated by Rune Horvik.

Thanks to all at Meridian Magic for providing many a fine & quick Magic link!

On a related note:

While there are still some uncertainties about, it does look more optimistic. The community support there is really wonderful to see.

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News: closing down
Wednesday, October 03, 2001 - 11:48 PM EST (1444 reads)

NewsThat's right, DG announced that will be closing down as of today. There were a few reasons, the main one being because the company that created and keeps MTGNews up is losing money from it and must close it down. Also, his personal reasons for losing friends and time with his family over his devotion to MTGNews. This was overall the best website to talk about all the tournaments, rumours and just about everything else on the net. It will be missed.

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News: Foil Wastelands in the Mail
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 - 02:05 PM EST (1351 reads)

NewsThe DCI's John Grant was at Worlds helping people verify and/or update their membership information and filling them in on the status of the Player Rewards program.

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News: Nationals Coverage!
Saturday, July 07, 2001 - 09:37 AM EST (1343 reads)

NewsWatch for our live Nationals coverage! We're heading down to Ottawa to bring you our unique coverage focusing on players from Ontario. We'll be there for the Open qualifiers right through to the finals!

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