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Magic the Gathering in Ontario: Judging

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Judging: Judges Wanted!
Sunday, March 22, 2009 - 01:18 PM EST (4738 reads)

JudgingDue to the number of judges in Ontario being much less than what we need, I think it's a good time to write something for people who have some interest in judging.

(Read More... | 918 more words | Score: score)

Judging: Damping Matrix & Morph
Monday, May 03, 2004 - 02:36 PM EST (2907 reads)

JudgingThis won't be easy for me. But this is an article that I have to write...

(Read More... | 424 more words | Score: score)

Judging: An Open Letter From Allen
Thursday, March 04, 2004 - 08:49 AM EST (2278 reads)

JudgingThis article is long overdue...

(Read More... | 469 more words | Score: score)

Judging: My Resignation to Marv
Friday, February 06, 2004 - 11:39 AM EST (3977 reads)

JudgingI've worked hard for 4 years - but no more!

(Read More... | 1189 more words | Score: score)

Judging: It Just Felt Right - Part I
Thursday, October 17, 2002 - 11:43 PM EST (3533 reads)

JudgingThe first time anyone does anything is always the most special. I still remember with great distinction the first Pre-release that I attended. It was for Tempest, back in 1997, in Toronto. This was when I still had no idea what Sealed Deck, or what Limited play was. Now the question I'm sure you're asking is, why am I telling you this?

(Read More... | 1242 more words | Score: score)

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