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Past Surveys
 Which card is the most fun to resolve? (Results - 874 votes)
 What is your favourite piece of common Equipment? (Results - 1752 votes)
 What Mirrodin rare would you rather open in a Sealed tournament? (Results - 1529 votes)
 Now that you've seen them in real life, how do you like the 8th Edition card face? (Results - 882 votes)
 What is your favourite Scourge rare? (Results - 878 votes)
 Which Ontario player will finish highest at Nationals? (Results - 546 votes)
 What will be the most played card at Regionals? (Results - 420 votes)
 Who will win the Ontario City Challenge? (Results - 351 votes)
 What was your first impression of the new look for Magic cards? (Results - 408 votes)
 What is the strongest colour in Onslaught Limited? (Results - 505 votes)
 Cubing Is: (Results - 113 votes)
 What card will you miss most when the new Extended rotation kicks in? (Results - 374 votes)
 What 7th Edition creature type best describes you? (Results - 339 votes)
 What is your favorite Torment rare? (Results - 466 votes)
 How do you feel about the number of sanctioned tournaments being held near you? (Results - 143 votes)
 All I want for Christmas is... (Results - 223 votes)
 Best Odyssey rare for Standard? (Results - 278 votes)
 Who do you think is the world's best Magic player? (Results - 272 votes)
 What colour do you favour in IPA limited? (Results - 127 votes)
 Are you going to Nationals? (Results - 56 votes)

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