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Category: Main/Canadian M:tG

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Canadian Magic Tour 
Description: The Canadian Magic Tour is a collection of Magic the Gathering events held across the country. Great prizes at great tournaments in the Great White North.
Added on: 12-Jul-2011 Hits: 380
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Carta Magica 
Description: Premier event organizer for Quebec as well as Ottawa.
Added on: 19-Apr-2006 Hits: 1289
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Find Magic  Popular
Description: Find Magic cards by set, format or name. From Mercadian Masques to the most recent set, search results will include card scans as well as listing card info & retailers selling those cards with prices & links.
Added on: 11-Feb-2002 Hits: 28710
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Maritime Magic 
Description: A website designed to provide information to anyone who is interested in playing M:tG competively or socially within the Atlantic Canada area, listing places to play, upcoming events and news related to the Maritime Magic scene.
Added on: 19-Apr-2006 Hits: 1045
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MTG Peer Trader 
Description: MTG PeerTrader is a free website that lets you manage your Magic The Gathering / MTG Card collection, find MTG cards from other collectors, players, and stores.
Added on: 03-Jun-2013 Hits: 394 Rating: 10 (2 Votes)
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MtG Quebec 
Description: French forum for Magic: the Gathering players in Quebec. (Forum Québecois pour Magic the Gathering)
Added on: 06-Jan-2005 Hits: 2165 Rating: 10 (2 Votes)
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North Bay Magic 
Description: Boards for discussion of all things Magic in the community of North Bay, ON.
Added on: 09-Aug-2007 Hits: 1477
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Northumberland Magic Players 
Description: Regional community website for Northumberland Magic players with announcements, events, message board etc.
Added on: 13-Jul-2010 Hits: 1066
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Rogue Gaming 
Description: Community site for Magic players in BC (particularly Vancouver) with lots to offer.
Added on: 19-Apr-2006 Hits: 1580
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Skyfox Games 
Description: Premier event organizer for Ontario.
Added on: 19-Apr-2006 Hits: 1167
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Thursday, September 03, 2009
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Zen State of Prereleases
Saturday, August 08, 2009
GP Boston Report - Tied for Last on Day 2 with Osyp
Thursday, August 06, 2009
Bombs Away! - a GP Boston Report
Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Two Players from Top Games Top 8 Can Nats
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
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Thursday, May 07, 2009
Why Regionals is the Most Important Tournament of the Year
Sunday, March 22, 2009
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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