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Friday Night Magic

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Mississauga T1.5

Event Date:Saturday, May 05, 2012Start Time:12:00 PM
Ending Time:12:00 PM
Category:Tournaments   Tournaments
Description:Date: May 5, 2012
Registration: 11:00 PM
Start Time: 12:00 PM
Entry: $25.00
Format: Legacy
1st - Mox Ruby (or $400 Store Credit / $300 Cash)
2nd - $200 Store Credit (or $150 Cash)
3rd~4th - $50 Store Credit (or $40 Cash)

This Prize Structure is based off of 25 players being in the event.
Prizing will be adjusted Accordingly based on number of players.

*Please note this is a DCI Sanctioned event so please have your DCI number
with you*

Due to the level of prizing we will need deck lists as well.

Trading and Selling:
Players who are playing in the event are welcome to trade at the store but
selling is prohibited.
The penalty for breaching this rule is disqualification without prize and/or
banning from the store.

Website & E-mail:


377 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East
L5A 3Y1
Mississauga Ontario
Central Parkway Mall

Driving Directions:

Public Transit:
Take 26E from Square One and get off on Central Parkway, we are located
across from the bus stop at Central Parkway Mall

From the 403:
take the Eglington Exit, go west and turn (first) left on Central Parkway,
we will be on your let hand side after Rathburn and before Burnhamthorpe

From the 401:
Take the Hurontario Exit, go south until you reach Eglington, turn right on
Eglington, then right on Central Parkway, we'll be on your left hand side
Posted by ReiHaku on 03/29/12 and approved by Trent

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