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A Few Submission Guidelines

mtgontario is interested in publishing articles and tournament reports of particular interest to Magic players, tournament organizers and judges in Ontario.

General Tips & Info For Good Submissions:

Tournament reports are best if they include information about the types of decks you played against and how your deck fared against them. Also, please make every effort to get your opponents' names. Valuable information such as the types of decks that make Top 8 (and the people who played them) are also greatly appreciated by readers.

We are not a news site and are not interested in repeating news articles that have been posted on another site - please do not submit this to us. Feel free to discuss this type of content in the forums.

Deck list articles should contain not simply a deck list but also commentary by the builder concerning card choices (and cards that were considered but didn't make the final cut) and play test data.

Once per week we will select a deck list from those submitted to be showcased in our Rate My Deck feature. If you submit a deck list that is not selected you will be contacted. Please feel free to post it for commentary/criticism in the forum for the corresponding deck type.

If you are interested in writing a regular feature column for mtgontario please e-mail us with a proposal and sample.

M:tG Ontario's Submission Guidelines:

1. All submissions must be exclusive to mtgontario. If you have submitted an article to another site please ensure that it is not being published there before submitting to us.

2. Please make every effort to ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct. Please capitalize the names of all Magic cards. This will save Trent a lot of time in the editing process.

3. You will be contacted prior to publication regarding content that we feel is inappropriate. We reserve the right to edit any submission for content or length. only claims first online publication rights to any submissions. All other rights are reserved by the authors.

4. You can choose to use mtgontario's submission form or articles can be sent in plain text to

5. Please avoid the use of "Tab" strokes in your writing. Use an "Enter" stroke to denote new paragraphs.

Thank you for submitting to!

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